Tehreek-e-Labbaik calls for Kashmir Jihad on social media!

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In a story published by Daily Ummat, Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan has declared its latest campaign to support the ‘Jihad-e-Kashmir’.  The piece extols the success of TLP’s social media campaigns, and how the organisation sees this as a stepping stone to retaliating against India’s actions in Kashmir.

Screenshot of article in Ummat

The campaign is being launched on Twitter with a number of hashtags like #KashmirJihad, and #لبیک_الجہاد (#Labaik_alJihad).

Above text reads “Labaik-al-Jihad”, while the bottom text reads “Jihad, not resolution”

TLP Chief Khadim Hussain Rizvi had issued a statement on 14th August on fighting in Kashmir, saying that carrying out action is not ‘suicide’, but an act of honor to defend the mothers and daughters of the valley. He has continued to issue statements calling for Jihad in Kashmir.

Thumbnail of Khadim Rizvi’s speech, reads “Jihad is not suicide, we are ever ready for martyrdom”

The TLP’s Rizvi media wing is also spreading social media banners justifying action for a righteous cause through the misuse of selective Islamic verses.

Text quotes Surah Nisa, verse 74: Those who die and kill in the name of Allah will receive the greatest reward
Text quotes Surah al-Saff, verse 12: Allah has promised heavens filled with rivers and fabulous homes for those who kill in His name.

TLP parliamentarians have been directly referring to conducting action in Kashmir, with TLP MPA Qasim Fakhri calling for the army to carry out Jihad in his speech in the Sindh Assembly on 19th August.

The Ummat piece alleges further that the TLP social media campaigns would be a lot more popular if not for a global conspiracy by online platforms to delete Kashmir related posts and accounts.

The Ummat article however made no mention of the cases lodged against TLP for anti-state activities, nor regarding its threats against heads of various state institutions. The newspaper has consistently remained sympathetic to the TLP cause since its inception in 2017.

It is not clear whether TLP’s message is for state institutions only, or whether it is aimed to invoke public action. This ambiguity may be a deliberate attempt by TLP to not get on the wrong side of the law, while also provoking public sentiment.



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