Is the Prime Minister guilty of blasphemy? Rightwing paper draws parallels

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Rightwing Urdu newspaper, Daily Ummat says the Prime Minister Imran Khan might be committing blasphemy by promising to make Pakistan the ‘Riyasat-e-Madina’ (the State of Madina).

Prime Minister Imran Khan has promised more than once to make Pakistan a welfare state based on the tenets of the first Islamic state established by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the city of Yathrab later renamed Madinatul Nabi or Madina in the year 622 AD.

Daily Ummat believes Imran Khan should not be talking about the state of Madina as the newspaper believes he doesn’t have the purity of moral character required to discuss such divine subject. Rather, he would be committing blasphemy if he continues to talk about the medieval Muslim state, it stresses.

A screengrab on Daily Ummat Editorial

“There are stark inconsistencies in the promises and actions of the PM, which is a hallmark of a hypocrite,” The newspaper writes, “these attributes were outlined by the Prophet (PBUH) himself,” it says.

As per Ummat, the Prophet (PBUH) said, there are four attributes of a hypocrite; one, he deceives when entrusted; two, lies when speaks; three, goes back on promises; and four, crosses the limits of decency when in a fight.

Highlighted text shows Daily Ummat’s assertions regarding the PM

The newspaper says most of the above characteristics are part of the moral character of our leaders. Apparently taking a dig at the PM, the newspaper says, now going back on one’s promises has been glorified as ‘U turn’. The PM has often been alleged by the opposition and his critics of taking ‘U turns’.

The newspaper says the gullible people of Pakistan were duped by the promise of a welfare state like Medina, however the government failed to deliver.

The newspaper says since the PM has allegedly all the attributes of a hypocrite, he should immediately stop promising the state of Medina as he might be committing blasphemy.

It is pertinent to note that blasphemy is a very sensitive issue in Pakistan. In the past, false accusations of blasphemy have triggered mob violence, lynching and vandalism in various parts of the country, claiming many innocent lives.

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